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Posted by on May 23, 2012 in Music for Occasions | 1 comment

Top 10 Christian Father’s Day Songs

Top 10 Christian Father’s Day Songs

“A father is God’s image in the eyes of his children” ~ Anonymous

The above-mentioned quote rings true. When we’re still young, we often look to our fathers and catch a little glimpse of who God is. Many among us grow up in a loving family under the guiding hand of a godly dad and for that, we see God as a loving God while others have a distorted view of God because of the bad experiences they have had with their fathers when they were still young. And how we view God has a big influence on the decisions we make as adults – something that we may not have realized.

That’s why being a dad is a very critical role for any man. It’s not something to be taken for granted. For the fathers who’ve been good dads to their children, we salute you while to those who failed in the tests of fatherhood, it’s still not too late to change and turn things around. In Christ, we always have a second chance.

So, since the special day for father is just around the corner, I’ve compiled Top 10 Christian Songs for Father’s Day. There’s a great a variety in this line up of christian dad songs. Some songs are songs of gratitude for dad while others are songs of regret for the lost time. Some are songs are for our Heavenly Father.

Here they are:
Do You Even Know Me Anymore by Mark Schultz

Do You Even Know Me Anymore


Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman – Cinderella


He’s My Son by Mark Schultz

he's my son-mark schultz (with lyrics).wmv


You are Loved by Building 429

Building 429 – You Are Loved


Father’s Eyes by Amy Grant

Father's Eyes MV


From Underneath by Hawk Nelson

From Underneath – Hawk Nelson


Through The Eyes of My Father by Brianna Haynes

"Through The Eyes Of My Father" with Lyrics – A Father's Day Song – Brianna Haynes


Finally Home by MercyMe

Mercy Me Finally Home video


Welcome Home by Brian Littrell

Brian Littrell – Welcome Home (You) – Lyrics


Lead Me by Sanctus Real

Sanctus Real- Lead me (Official music video)


Whether we have good dad or dysfunctional father, always remember that our Father in heaven loves us deeply and that’s more than enough to make up for the failures of our earthly fathers.

God bless!

  • chicorico70

    Good list. Many of these make good solos. Harder to find congregational music for special occasions like this, especially fresh stuff.

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