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Posted by on Sep 23, 2015 in Christian Music |

Top Christian ‘Goodbye’ Songs

Top Christian ‘Goodbye’ Songs

“Goodbye.” Perhaps, it’s the most widely used word aside from ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’. We say it so often, that we aren’t aware that we are using it in the first place.

Did you know that goodbye actually means “God be with you”?

A long time ago, people often used to say “God be with ye” as a salutation to somebody who’s leaving, which was later on contracted to “Godbwye”. And then finally, it was further shortened to “goodbye” as we are now using. (See more about the etymology of Goodbye here.)

The word which so many of us dread is actually a word of blessing. So when somebody tells us “Goodbye” or when we say to someone “Goodbye”, it should not make us sad. Saying “goodbye” should make us happy.

So, if you are leaving someplace or if somebody you love is leaving to live faraway off, don’t be sad. Tell them, “God be with you” by saying “Goodbye”. It would further help if you can listen to the christian “Goodbye” songs that I have compiled.


This is Not Goodbye by Sidewalk Prophets

"This is Not Goodbye" by Sidewalk Prophets (Lyrics)

Poignant and piano-driven song that’s talking about letting go of someone. If you find that you can strongly relate to the song, don’t forget to have a box of tissues beside you.


Keep Me by Reuben Morgan

Sounds like a song of promise by someone to his beloved. But as the lyrics progresses, you will discover that this song is for the Lord. It’s like a song of prayer to God that, “Lord, keep me in your love even when I am far away from my place, far away from my friends and loved ones. Keep my heart still pure before you.”


Think of Me by Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz ft. Rachael Lampa – Think of me

Just as the first lines of the song goes, packing things is easy but the hardest part is saying goodbye. It’s hard but when we think of the person sincerely in our hearts, the burden becomes lighter. “Think of me, think of me”, that will ease the loneliness.


Faith, Hope and Love by Mark Schultz

Faith, Hope and Love – Mark Schultz

Faith, hope and love will be with you as you leave. That’s for sure. God’s mercy will go with us as we part with someone to pursue life on our own.

Remembering You by Steven Curtis Chapman

Narnia: Remembering You – Steven Curtis Chapman

An upbeat soundtrack from the Chronicles of Narnia. Since the Chronicles of Narnia is an allegory of the christian faith, we could safely say that this song is about our Lord. He physically left the Earth almost 2 millennia ago and surely He is coming back again. And while He’s not yet back on Earth, it’s worth doing to remember Him.

So, there they are – my collection of Christian Goodbye songs!

If you have songs that you can suggest, just comment on below!

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