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Posted by on Jun 27, 2013 in Featured, Music for Occasions | 2 comments

Top 10 Christian Songs for Weddings

Top 10 Christian Songs for Weddings

“So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Matthew 19:6

Wedding day is an exciting day for the groom and the bride, for their friends and for their loved ones. Preparations are made in advance, the time and place are set, invitations are sent and so on. It’s a day to look forward to. It’s a day of celebrating life’s beauty and God’s goodness as well.

So, with that, I have compiled the Top 10 Christian for Weddings (not in particular order) . They are the popular and common songs we hear during wedding ceremonies. These songs also good for married couples who are celebrating their anniversaries or who simply want to sing a song for their spouses – it will strengthen the bond of marriage.

When God Made You by Newsong ft. Natalie Grant

Newsong Ft. Natalie Grant – When God Made You [With Lyrics/Español]

This song testifies that God is the best matchmaker in universe. “He must have heard every prayer I’ve been praying because He knew everything I would need”. Yes, God hears our prayers more so, when it’s about our mate and in so many cases, His answers are totally different from what we ask for but without a doubt, it’s still the BEST.


God Bless the Broken Road by Selah

Selah – Bless The Broken Road (with lyrics)

We can get lost along the road of ‘true love’ because of our own hearts. We get broken, we endure the pain of heartaches, we bear the scars, but what’s profound about this song is that those who broke our hearts are just “Northern Stars pointing me on my way into your loving arms”.


I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman

I Will Be Here – Steven Curtis Chapman Worship Video with lyrics

Can you hear God singing the song to you? I think many will agree that this isn’t just a song for wedding or marriage but it’s also the Lord’s love song for His bride – we, His people. Let me quote C.S. Lewis,

” Human love says: If  you need anything, I will be there. God’s love says: You will never be in need of anything, I am always here.”

Amazing, isn’t it?


Love is Not A Fight by Warren Barfield

Warren Barfield ~ Love Is Not A Fight [Lyrics] (From the movie Fireproof)

“Love is not a place to come and go as we please”. Indeed, marriage is a sacred covenant sanctified by God no matter what the circumstances surrounding the wedding ceremony. As long as it took place, as long as vows were exchanged, God sanctified the marriage. So, it should be respected and no man (or woman) should separate it.


You are the Love of My Life  by Darlene Zschech ft. Ron Kenoly

You Are the Love of my Life – Darlene & Ron Kenoly.mp4

This song is a love song for the Lord but it has been sung in weddings so I included it here. This goes to show that far above the love the the couple share with each other is a greater love by God. He is the one that bonds and strengthens the marriage.


 When I Say I do by Matthew West

♪. When I Say I Do – Matthew West ( Lyrics In Description)

The most important part of the wedding is the exchanging of vows. It captures everything about what the marriage covenant the couple is entering into – intimate companionship between two people.


Love Never Fails by Brandon Heath

Love Never Fails – Brandon Heath

When I hear this song, I always remember 1 Corinthians Chapter 13, the Chapter of Love. There is no other man that exemplifies love but Jesus Christ.


The Day Before You by Matthew West

The Day Before You – Matthew West [with lyrics]

What do you feel when you think you can’t be able to find the person that you can marry? Well, Matthew West pretty sums it up all here: he felt dejected and alone but that was the “Day Before You”.


I Promise by Jaci Velasquez

I Promise by Jaci Velasquez

The dream of every single is to find their God-appointed mate one day. Jaci Velasquez had made promise to God and to herself  to wait for the one God has prepared for her. This song also attests that sometimes we can go astray from the path because of the unhealthy desires of the heart but God is good nevertheless. He will keep us from stumbling.


The Marriage Prayer by John Waller

John Waller – The Marriage Prayer w/Lyrics

This is the ultimate song about marriage. Marriage should be like what Paul described in Ephesians 5:33 “each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband”. This song is a prayer and guess what? God honors prayers such as this, He will surely answer.



So, that’s the Top 10 Christian Songs for Weddings. I pray you have enjoyed listening to them. If you have some weddings songs to suggest, or any comments you want to get through to me, please comment on below. Thanks and God bless us all!

  • Becca McAllister

    I love these!! My wedding day is in April, and it is so important for both of us to have beautiful Christian music 🙂

  • Donna Ruth Woodward Rockwell

    I am 77 years old and I’m getting remarried on June 24th. I like the song “The Marriage Prayer”. How can I get a copy of that for my wedding.

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