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Posted by on Sep 22, 2013 in Christian Music |

“Keep Me”: Song for Those Who Are Leaving

“Keep Me”: Song for Those Who Are Leaving

“Good bye may seem forever.

Farewell is like the end

but in my heart is the memory

and there you will always be.”

~Walt Disney Company~

Leaving a place is one the saddest things we can ever experience in life especially if we’re leaving a special place e.g. a hometown, or the place where you’ve spent so many years of your life.

More than the place, the people we leave behind are the greater reason why our hearts ache when we leave a certain place. We’ll miss the people who we’ve grown attached with through the years. Whether they are family or friends, there’s just those memories we’ve shared with them that makes the heart grown fonder.

So, if you are someone who’s about to leave your place, here’s a wonderful song I’ve found for you. It’s Keep Me by Reuben Morgan.

Here it is:


The song expresses the feeling of anxiety about the future, uneasiness of what the new place could be but in faith, it says,

“No matter where I am

No Matter where I go

I know that I’m never be too far to call Your Name

And if I grow weak still Your love never fails”


The future is full of uncertainty but we are in good hands when we put our faith in the One who holds the future.

There will always be those sad goodbyes and the teary greetings but the wonderful memories will always be in our hearts. Let those good memories be our inspiration as we enter into another place which is another phase in life. God bless!


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