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Posted by on Dec 20, 2016 in Music for Occasions |

Jesus’ Birthday Is Not On December 25. So What? I’ll Still Celebrate Christmas

Jesus’ Birthday Is Not On December 25. So What? I’ll Still Celebrate Christmas

It may come as a surprise to many but no one really knows the exact date of Jesus Christ’s birth. As to the day, the month and year of Jesus’ birth, no one can really know for sure.


Why December 25?

December 25th has been chosen as the traditional anniversary of the birth of Christ since the 4th century A.D. At that time, Christianity was still a young religion in the Roman Empire and church leaders wanted the populace to embrace the new religion. So, they basically changed the regular pagan festivals into Christian celebrations with Christian symbolism. And one of these pagan festivals was the winter solstice festival, celebrated on December 25th.


Oh, so does that mean we shouldn’t be celebrating Christmas because it’s not really the true Birthdate of Jesus Christ?

Should We Still Celebrate Christmas on December 25?

The date does not matter to me. The important thing is that around 2 millennia ago, God came into the world in the form of a helpless babe.  What’s important to me is that the act, the event actually happened. Jesus was born into this world.  What important to me is that His birth was the first step towards man’s salvation. What’s important is that His birth gave hope, that God has not given up on us. For me, that truth alone is worth celebrating.


The Date Is Irrelevant!

So, whether Jesus was really born on December 25th, or on October 6th, or on March 30th, or on August 15th, the true date is irrelevant. What I know is that God has not given up on me and you and He never will. We are worth saving. So, that’s why I still celebrate Christmas no matter what!



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