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Posted by on Nov 1, 2013 in Christian Music | 1 comment

10 Contemporary Christian Songs That Speak of Forgiveness

10 Contemporary Christian Songs That Speak of Forgiveness

“If you hold anything against anyone, forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins”

~ Jesus, Mark 11:25

Are you struggling with forgiving somebody who’ve wronged you? Everybody struggles with forgiveness once in awhile, whether it’s forgiving others or forgiving one’s own self. But I think the hardest to forgive is yourself especially if you’ve messed up countless times. But we need to forgive others and ourselves no matter what.

As an encouragement, I have prepared 10 Contemporary Christian songs about forgiveness.

Here they are:


Apologize by 33Miles

33 Miles – Apologize

Unforgiveness affects both parties. There’s no winner here. As the song goes “I’ve gotta let go of my pride and apologize“, humility is the prime factor of forgiveness. It’s not something just for the one who did wrong but also for the one who was wronged. We have to humble down to forgive instead of keeping our pride by withholding forgiveness.

7×70 by Chris August

Chris August – 7×70 (Official Video)

“Seven times seventy times”, this is Jesus’ reply to Peter’s question – “How many times should I forgive my brother?”. We often call it the mathematics of forgiveness but it’s more than that. It’s not that we should forgive up to 490 times and then deny forgiveness when somebody sinned 491st times against us. No, Jesus simply means that forgiveness should be unquantifiable and unlimited.

Forgiveness by Matthew West

Matthew West – Forgiveness (Lyric Video)

Show me how to love the unlovable” should be the prayer of each one of us. People can be bad and sometimes, there are just really who are outrightly evil. They are what we call “the undesirables”, the unlovable of society. Jesus showed us how to love them by praying for forgiveness on his enemies while dying on a cruel cross.

Forgiveness by TobyMac ft. Lecrae

TobyMac – Forgiveness [Lyrics] ft. Lecrae

This song reminds us that all of us stumble and fall, we aren’t perfect. So why hold somebody in such high standard and refuse forgiveness when we also stubmble and fall sometimes? People are just like us, they make mistakes. We should see ourselves in them, that they too need to be forgiven.

Forgive Yourself by Downhere

Forgive Yourself by Downhere(revised video)

As has been mentioned, forgiving one’s self is one of the hardest thing to do. We might find ourselves keeping on pounding our chest for the wrong things we’ve done that have been forgiven by no less than the Lord himself. Listen to this lyric video by Canadian Christian rock band Downhere.

Forgive + Forget by Avalon

Forgive + Forget

The theme of this song is just the same with the song of Downhere. The sins we’ve done if we’ve confessed to God have already been forgiven so don’t keep playing things on your mind. God forgives and forgets.

I’m Not Who I Was by Brandon Heath

Brandon Heath – I'm Not Who I Was

This song about forgiveness by Brandon has been inspired by him seeing an old photograph of his stepmother with whom he had a falling out for about 15 years. This was what what he had say about this song, “We really all need to say ‘I’m not who I was’ every once in a while, you know? We need to look back and see where we have come from, and there is nobody that is not worthy of forgiving“.

Now That It’s Over by Building 429

Now That It's Over

What do you when something’s over because of somebody screwed up? Get upset. I think this song is all about that. It’s sound like a relationship problem and the who screwed up was asking for forgiveness though it’s over and it can’t be salvaged anymore. Nevertheless, forgiveness erases any lingering resentment from both parties.

You Never Are by Francesca Batistelli

You Never Are-Francesca Battistelli Lyric Video- Les Misérables

When you think you’ve messed up so many times that you’re beyond forgiveness and redemption, you’re never far from the grace of God. Lyric video is taken from scenes in Les Miserables to show the story of Fantine who also thought she was beyond redemption because of what she’d gotten into.

Losing by Tenth Avenue North

Losing by Tenth Avenue North Lyrics

By refusing to forgive, you are actually losing. That’s the whole message of this song by Tenth Avenue North. I so like this song.
I pray that you’re enlightened and encouraged by listening to these uplifting forgiving songs. Let’s start spreading the Love of Jesus by forgiving those who’ve wronged us!

  • Jackie Corlett

    Thanks so much for putting in the effort to select these different music styles with the same strong message – really helpful teaching tool – be blessed!

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