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Posted by on Jul 19, 2014 in Christian Music |

10 Christian ‘Happy’ Songs

10 Christian ‘Happy’ Songs

Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires;
God will satisfy them fully!

~Jesus, The Beatitudes (Good News Translation)

We always want to be happy all the time. We seek it at the right places and sometimes unfortunately, we also seek it at the wrong places.

But as Christians, we must realize that genuine happiness comes from God alone. Being in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ makes us whole and brings us happiness more than the world can offer.

Do you want to be happy? Start seeking God.

Here are  10 Happy Contemporary Christian music that you will enjoy singing as you walk with the Lord:

Happy by Ayiesha Woods

Happy by Ayiesha Woods

“No flashy cars, no movie stars, No man, woman, boy or girl, No fancy things, no diamond rings. Nothing in the whole wide world. Can make me happy, no. Can make me feel the way You do” Those lines sum it all up – only God can truly satisfy.

Happy Song by Delirious


A sinner receives forgiveness of sin and freedome from sin and eternal life. What an undeserving gift. Yet God gives it freely through Jesus Christ. That alone should make us happy!

Happy Day by Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes – Happy Day

Jesus is Alive! Jesus didn’t remain in the grave but He’s risen from the dead. That means we have forgiveness of sin and everlasting life with the Lord.

Happy by Melinda Watts

Just all the other songs, being saved should make us happy. This is what Melinda Watts’ song is saying.

Happy by Tasha Cobbs


Indeed, God makes us whole and that alone can make us happy. Sins forgiven. Given new life. Relationship with the Creator of the universe. That’s really amazing!

You Make Me Happy by Rita Springer

Make Me Happy – Rita Springer

“You are Enough, You Set Me Free, You Make Me Happy”. God is really everything that we need and no other else.

So Long Self by MecyMe

Mercy Me – So Long Self

Well, this song talks about the two nature in a Christian: the new self and the old self. We’ve all struggled with conflict between these two nature in us, but just as this song goes, “There’s just no room for two
So you are gonna have to move”
and he’s referring to his old self…

Well Done by Moriah Peters

Moriah Peters – Well Done

This song starts off on a light tone, very neat and nice to listen to. It’s all about following Jesus all the way.

It’s a Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace

Jamie Grace – Beautiful Day (Official Lyric Video)

Wake up to very good day everyday because God’s goodness permeates into every area of life. It’s a Beautiful Day!

Happy by Matthew West

Happy – Matthew West with Lyrics and Words

We should be happy! as the song encourages us to be because we have Jesus. We have everything…



So, that’s all my list of Christian happy songs. Do you have more songs to suggest? Feel free to do so by commenting below!

Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

~Psalm 37:4

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