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Posted by on Oct 21, 2013 in Christian Music | 2 comments

10 Christian Songs That Can Make You Cry

10 Christian Songs That Can Make You Cry

There are songs that when we listen to, we couldn’t stop ourselves but cry. It could be because of the heart-breaking lyrics or some memories that that comes flashing back to mind when we hear a certain song.

I’ve come up with a list of 10 Christian songs that can make you cry. If you wanna know why each song could make you cry, then spare a few minutes and take time to listen. Don’t forget to have a hanky on hand! =)

When You Come Home by Mark Schultz

When You Come Home (Mother's Day)

This is a beautifully-written song by master songwriter Mark Schultz. Dunno how he did it, but Mark Schultz has an excellent gift of writing songs out from his sheer imagination. This song is about a guy who grew up in the loving arms of his mom. The beginning is just fine but when it’s about to end, you’ll cry because you’ll find the mother dying in the hospital bidding farewell to her beloved son.

This song is included in the Top Christian Songs for Mothers.

When Loves Takes You In by Steven Curtis Chapman

Steven Curtis Chapman – When Love Takes You In

Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife are known to be adoption advocates. They’ve adopted 3 orphans from China. This song is for orphans out there living unloved and lonely. But when love takes them in, everything changes. The song is just fine but in the light of the death of Steven’s third adopted child, it can somehow bring tears to the eyes.

This is Not Goodbye by Sidewalk Prophets

"This is Not Goodbye" by Sidewalk Prophets (Lyrics)

So many people have mistaken this as a funeral song but it isn’t so. It’s about somebody who’s bidding farewell to somebody they so dearly love (this is not a breakup of any sort). There’s just times when separation (physical) has to happen because somebody got to fulfill their destiny. The part of the song that can move you is when it says, “This is not goodbye, I know we’ll meet again, so let your life begin, and this is not goodbye, it’s just I love you, to take with you, until you’re home again“. When listening to this song, it’s hard not to choke up in the end.

Do You Even Know Me Anymore? by Mark Schultz

Do You Even Know Me Anymore Lyrics

Here comes Mark Schultz again. That testifies to how genius the guy is when it comes to songwriting. While his song mentioned above is for mothers, this song is for fathers but it’s kinda harsh for them. The dad portrayed in this song was kinda negligent to his wife and to his son until all they can say to him is “Do you even know me anymore?“. The ending part is quite sad because the guy finally came to his senses. He asked God for a second chance but he ended his prayer with one troubling question, “Do You even know me anymore?“.

This song is included in the Top Christian Songs for Fathers.

All the Way My Savior Leads Me by Chris Tomlin

All the Way My Savior Leads Me – Chris Tomlin (music video with lyrics download)

This is another old gospel hymn revised by Chris Tomlin. When you think you’ve lost your way, when you think you’re far apart from God, when you think it’s impossible to go back, remember Jesus was with you all along the way. This is like Psalm 23, “Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life” because of Jesus.

One Last Christmas by Matthew West

One Last Christmas – Matthew West Official Music Video

Matthew West penned this song from  a true story of a sweet toddler named Dax from Washington, Illinois. Diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia, Dax battled the disease for over a year until there were no more possible medications available. Though it was determined he would not last through December, his parents wanted him to live for “One Last Christmas” which he miraculously did. This is really one touching song, one that can really make you cry.

When God Ran by Phillips, Craig and Dean

When God Ran Animated Music Video – Phillips, Craig and Dean

When you have left God and you thought He doesn’t want you anymore, He is waiting for you all along to come home. . He’s waiting for you. He wants you no matter how you’ve messed up your life. His love for you is not diminished by your acts of willfulness. Come home now. He’s waiting for you and He will run to embrace you with His everlasting love.

Blessings by Laura Story

Blessings – Laura Story (with lyrics)

What if God’s blessings come through raindrops? What if trials of this life are God’s mercies in disguise? This is the whole message of this song.

It reminds us that no matter what comes our way, they’re all part of God’s greater plan. When trials overwhelm you, hold on to the truth that “God permits what He can prevent“.

This song is included in Christian Songs for Tragedies.

When I Cry by Gaither Vocal Band

When I Cry – Gaither Vocal band

Don’t you know that God also cries when you cry? He’s also hurt when you’re hurt. What makes Him cry is to see us hurt and in pain. God feels our pain and He knows our sufferings. He’s been there because He became man and died a shameful public death nearly 2,000 years just to show that He feels our pain and sorrows too. God is not a stranger to pain.

We are the Reason by Avalon

We are the reason

This is Christmas-themed song but the message is timeless. For so many of us who had so many fascinating childhood experiences of Christmas, we often forget the reason of the season – God becoming man in the person of Jesus to save us from eternal damnation. The reason why He did it is “us”. We are the reason.

What do you think of the songs?
I’d love to know your comments below!

  • Jeanne Hall

    But I hate Contemporary Christian Music! Half of these people mentioned I don’t even know!

  • Abbi Early

    Eye of the storm is a really sad and good song for relief and spirit uplift.

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